Individual Solutions

You earned it, you deserve to keep it! And you can with the right accountant on your side.

Every person who is registered for Income Tax in South Africa is required to submit an Annual Tax Return (ITR12)  when the annual Tax Season opens. The amount due depends on your tax status and the amount earned by you as an employee or from your company. 

RVI Business Solutions' accounting team is here to support you in meeting your annual income and provisional tax obligations with professional service and personal attention.

Avoid paying harsh SARS penalties and interest! RVI Business Solutions' accounting team can assist you in filing your returns before the tax deadline closes.

RVI Business Solutions' accounting team offers a vast array of services, tailored to suit your individual reqirements including SARS registration services for all forms of taxation, including income tax and VAT.

Provisional Tax Solutions

Less monthly burden, more control! If you are an individual who receives income from any source other than your salary, or an employee who receives a salary from an employer who is not registered for employees’ tax, or a person classified as a provisional taxpayer by SARS then Provisional tax is applicable.


What's the difference? Provisional Tax is a SARS bi-annual tax collection that requires the paying of estimated tax liabilities in advance. It is not separate from one’s income tax.  


In August of every year you are required to submit to SARS an estimate of your income for the upcoming year and pay half of that amount to SARS before the end of August of that specific year. At the end of the year you confirm your income and pay the balance of your tax.

And the benefit? By paying Provisional Tax in advance, you will not find yourself faced with a large tax debt at the end of the tax year as your tax liabilities are spread across the year.

RVI Business Solutions' team will assist you in handling your provisional tax administration and ensure your compliance.