Full-Face Shields

The Full-Face Shield is laser-cut from 400 micron PET which makes it more durable than other makes that are only 200 micron. It is also more scratch resistant and does not distort the wearer’s view. The Shield is fully reusable as it can be sanitized with a variety of cleaning materials (listed in info sheet).  The mask clips easily together and with reverse-facing clips only comes  apart if disassembled.  Unlike face-masks, the Full-Face Shield protects the wearer’s entire face, (eyes, nose and mouth)  from contact with airborne droplets.

The Full-Face Shield has two settings for use with/without spectacles (1, 2).


On either setting the shield stands slightly proud of the headband so that it does not fog up or touch the nose.


The headband is fully adjustable to give a comfortable fit (3). On either side of the shield there are score lines that allow the sides to be contoured inward to suit the wearer giving better protection and neater appearance (4, 5).


The shield extends 100-120mm below the chin to give further protection (6). 

• Quality
• Reusable 
• Comfort  
• Clarity  
• Innovative Design
• User-friendly  
• Open  

Manufactured from durable 400 micron PET
Can be sanitized with alcohol-based sanitiser or soap and water
No elastic bands of foam pads 
No fogging or distortion, very little speech impairment
Practical and aesthetical
Easy to assemble, fit and clean
Smiling is contagious but not harmful!