IDenta. Test the substance, not your relationship™
Introducing IDenta Touch&Know™ Home, School and Office Drug Test Kits.
Identa offers world-leading forensic chemistry solutions for a variety of commercial applications such as Airport Security and Police. Now for the first time in South Africa there is a fast and accurate way to test for 21 different types of drugs safely, in seconds.
Don't guess, Test!
The threat of drugs is real. Dealers actively target children and schools. Are you worried your child might be using drugs?

Identa Touch&Know™

Single Test Kit containing

a CUSPER™ to test for 21

different types of drugs

in seconds.


Includes instructions and results indicators.

Confrontation without proof can cause irreparable damage to your relationship with your child. With a single test you can make sure of your facts first by testing the substance and not your relationship.
• No urine sample needed
• Safe and easy to use, Smart tip probe™ No-spill Seal™, Single     sealed disposable unit
• No physical contact with contents
• Extremely sensitive - only requires a minute trace to produce
  a result, just a billionth of a gram is enough 
• 99.9% accurate results in seconds