Sniff&Know™ and Touch&Know™
Narcotics and Drug Precursor Detection Kits
Identa offers chemistry that is at least as effective as competitors products in a package that is far safer and more user-friendly for the operator. Our kits are currently in use by Law Enforcement and Border Control agencies in the United States and Europe.
Major advantages of our IDENTA Kits are :
SAFETY - Smart tip probe™ No-spill Seal™. Single sealed disposable unit
ACCURACY - 99.9% accuracy. Clear, unambiguous results within seconds
COST EFFECTIVENESS - considerable savings in time and logistics
SENSITIVITY - results from slightest trace elements
There is a general screening kit which covers 21 different types of drugs test as well as specific test kits for: Cocaine / Crack • White Heroin • Brown Heroin • Marijuana / Hashish • Ecstasy / MDMAAmphetamine / Methamphetamine • LSD • Ketamine • GHB (Solid & Liquid) • BarbituratesFlunitrazepam (Diazepines) • Morphine • PCP In addition, we have precursor tests for: Ephedrine/ Pseudoephedrine • Acetic Anhydride • PMK • Piperonal • Safrole
Precursors are the raw or partially prepared substances which will be further refined to the end products.